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For Course Instructors, Academic Advisors and Administrative Staff

1. NUPACE Student Course Registration

NUPACE students attend an academic orientation at the beginning of each semester. The Spring Semester 2024 orientation falls on Thursday, April 4.
From April 10, students start attending classes to decide courses they wish to register for. The procedures that students will follow before attending the first class will depend on the course’s language of instruction. Where students ask for enrolment permission, it would be appreciated if you could consider their request and provide information about attending the first class.

A. Courses taught in English
Students should select courses available from the ‘NUPACE Course List’ and:

1. For courses requiring registration on TACT (TOKAI Academic Combination Tools) prior to the first class, students must contact the instructor via email to request to be added manually to the system.

2. For courses that require the instructor's permission in advance, students must contact the instructor via email to obtain permission to enrol. Once granted, students attend the first class.

3. Where none of the above is required, students may directly attend the first class without contacting the instructor in advance.

B. Courses Taught in Japanese (Students possessing N1 of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT)
Students should search for courses in the University-wide Syllabus System, and contact each course instructor to ask for permission to enrol. Once obtained, students attend the first class.

2. Registering NUPACE Students on TACT

NUPACE students are not degree-seeking students. Therefore, it is necessary to add them manually to TACT.
Instructions are available here.

3. NUPACE Course Registration Schedule - Spring 2024

1. Semester commences: Wednesday, April 10, 2024
2. Online Course Manager (OCM) registration period: Tuesday, April 16 to Friday, April 26, 2024
3. Course registration submission deadline:Tuesday, April 30, 2024

4. NUPACE Student Roster

NUPACE operates a unique course registration system (Online Course Manager<OCM>) and therefore NUPACE students will not appear on the degree-seeking student roster.
The Student Exchange Division (SED) will provide instructions to course instructors on how to confirm the NUPACE student roster through the Student Affairs Office of each School. Please access the NUPACE Online Course Manager (OCM) to confirm the roster.

■ The NUPACE student roster will be available approximately in late May (instructions will be announced by email).

■ NUPACE Online Course Manager (OCM):

5. Submitting Grades

At the end of each semester, the Student Exchange Division will request course instructors through the Student Affairs Office, to enter grades into the OCM.
It would be appreciated if you could enter the grades by the following deadlines.

■ Spring Semester 2024 Quarter 1 grade submission period: Wednesday, June 12 to Friday, June 28, 2024
■ Spring Semester 2024 Quarter 2 grade submission period: Friday, July 19 to Tuesday, August 20, 2024
■ Spring Semester 2024 grade submission period: Friday, July 19 to Tuesday, August 20, 2024

<Early Grade Submission Request>

NUPACE students’ academic transcripts are issued and sent via email to their home universities in early September (for spring semester transcripts) and early March (for autumn semester transcripts).
However, for academic reasons such as credit transfer or graduation procedures, students may request an early submission of their grades. It would be appreciated if you could consider this request and enter students' grades into the OCM system by the requested deadline.
Once grades have been entered into the system, the Student Exchange Division will issue the academic transcript.

6. Grading System

The NUPACE grading system follows Nagoya University grading policy (effective as of academic year 2020). Scores are not required to be entered into the OCM system.

Grade Grade Point Value Value Score (For reference only)
A+ 4.3 95-100
A 4.0 80-94
B 3.0 70-79
C 2.0 65-69
D 1.0 60-64
F 0.0 0-59
P - -
NP - -
W - -

7. NUPACE Course Withdrawal System

Students are able to withdraw from courses by completing the procedures below no later than the designated deadline. Courses withdrawn from will appear as ‘W’ on the academic transcript. Course withdrawal procedures are as follows:

  1. Students obtain a course withdrawal form from the NUPACE coordinator.
  2. Students send the form and the reason for wishing to withdraw to the course instructor.
  3. Where permission has been obtained, students should submit the signed form to the Student Exchange Division.

Course withdrawal is only possible within the designated period. Any withdrawal after the deadline will not be accepted and will be shown as ‘F’ on the academic transcript. NUPACE does not use the ‘absent (欠席)’ policy.

■ April semester 2024 course withdrawal submission deadline: Friday, May 31, 2024

Reference:Manual for Academic Advisors and Course Instructors (Japanese Only)

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