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Application Procedures


Students intending to participate in an exchange at Nagoya University are requested to apply to NUPACE online at All applicants are asked to note that, in order to be qualified for admission to NUPACE, they must, in advance, secure a nomination from the International Office of their home institution.

When applying students will be asked to upload some documentation in a PDF format; hence, preparation of the relevant materials in advance of the closing dates stipulated below is important.

  1. Study plan:
    (1)Undergraduate〈U〉 and Graduate〈G〉 credit-seeking students:
    Approximately 400 words (English) or 800 characters (Japanese), typed, describing the student's academic interests as they relate to his/her major field of study. Students should also include the names of courses that they are interested in registering for at Nagoya University. (Refer to the NUPACE course overview at, for links to syllabi.)
    (2)Research students〈R〉:
    Detailed research plan of approximately 800 words (English) or 1,600 characters (Japanese).

  2. Official transcript of academic records to be issued in English by the institution presently being attended and, for transfer students, institutions of higher education previously attended. Graduate students should submit academic records for both undergraduate and graduate studies. If possible students should include an explanation of the grading policy and/or grading scale of their home institutions, or provide the NUPACE Office with a link to the relevant website.

  3. Official certificate of enrolment as a student to be issued in English by the institution presently being attended.

  4. Letter of Reference (download the designated NUPACE form, Confidential Reference Form )
    The designated form should be completed by a faculty member, whose academic discipline is related to the applicant's major field of study.

  5. Score sheet of internationally-recognised language proficiency test. NUPACE requires exchange students to be proficient in either English OR Japanese. Unless they attend universities where English is the language of instruction, non-native English speakers must possess a TOEFL iBT score of 79, an IELTS overall band score of 6.0, a TOEIC score of 780, a CEFR average grade of B2, a CET-6 score of 485, or the equivalent. (Students enrolled in universities in Scandinavia, The Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Singapore, and Hong Kong, as well as students majoring in English are exempt from this requirement.) Students intending to take regular university courses instructed in Japanese must possess N1/Level 1 of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT). Students intending to enroll in the Intensive Programme in Advanced Japanese are required to possess at least JLPT N2.

  6. Health certificate: Students are requested to use the designated NUPACE Health Certificate form available on the application site.

  7. Copy of the information page of the applicant's passport, where available.

  8. Identical photograph: Solid-colour background, showing a close-up of the applicant's full head and upper shoulders. The digital data should be uploaded onto the NUPACE online application site. Sunglasses/tinted glasses, or headwear should not be worn, unless this is for religious or medical reasons.

  9. Statement of bank account balance or scholarship. (This requirement applies to those students who intend to participate in NUPACE even if they are not nominated by Nagoya University for a Student Exchange Support Program scholarship. Students applying for a one-semester exchange should attach a bank balance or scholarship certificate verifying that they have funds equivalent to JPY 500,000; students applying for a one-year exchange need to verify that they have JPY 1,000,000. The bank account may be held in the name of the applicant, or a close family member.)

Nomination Deadlines

International offices of Nagoya University’s partner institutions are requested to upload a list of their nominees for an exchange at Nagoya University onto the NUPACE website by the following dates:
NB. Partner institutions will be provided with a link and access code one month prior to the nomination deadline.

Mid-September Admission 2021: Monday, 1 March 2021
Early April Admission 2022: Friday, 1 October 2021

Application Deadlines

The online application process must be completed, with all required documents uploaded, by the following dates:

Mid-September Admission 2021: Monday, 15 March 2021
Early April Admission 2022: Friday, 15 October 2021

Important Notes:

  1. As many partner institutions conduct a preliminary screening process for the purpose of selecting exchange students, it is strongly recommended that you consult with the International Office of your home university well in advance of the NUPACE application deadlines.

  2. If you encounter any problems with the NUPACE online application system, please contact the NUPACE Office at or +81-52-788-6119.

Notification of Results:

The results of the preliminary document screening examination, as conducted by Nagoya University (and separate from the scholarship screening), will be made available to students as follows:

Mid-September Admission 2021: Early June 2021
Early April Admission 2022: Mid-January 2022

Students shall be officially notified of the results of their nomination for a JASSO “Student Exchange Support Program (Scholarship for Short-term Study in Japan)” by Nagoya University as follows:

Late September Admission 2021: Late August 2021
Early April Admission 2022: Late April 2022

Application Flowchart

  Intended Period of Admission: September 2021

March 1: Closing date for nominations
March 15: Closing date for applications
Late April: 1st screening examination by university committee
Early May: Successful applications sent to Schools for 2nd screening
Early June: Notification of application results (e-mail)/despatch of pre-arrival info
Early August: Despatch of COEs and admission letters
Late August: Notification of JASSO scholarship results
Mid-September: Students' arrival at Nagoya University!

 Intended Period of Admission: April 2022

October 1, 2021: Closing date for nominations
October 15: Closing date for applications
Mid-December: 1st screening examination by university committee
Late December: Successful applications sent to Schools for 2nd screening
Mid-January 2022: Notification of application results (e-mail)/despatch of pre-arrival info
Early March: Despatch of CoEs, and admission letters
Early April: Students' arrival at Nagoya University!
Late April: Notification of JASSO scholarship results

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