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Academic Policies & Grading System

The minimum coursework requirement for Special Undergraduate Students and Special Graduate Students is fifteen credits (equivalent to thirty ECTS) per semester or thirty credits (sixty ECTS) per year. Special Research Students are required to pursue research for a minimum of fifteen hours per week. At the end of their period of exchange, all NUPACE students having earned credits are presented with an official transcript of academic records specifying courses studied, evaluation of performance and credits awarded. The number of credits granted is determined by the academic regulations of Nagoya University and is based on the number of hours studied. Upon examining the academic transcript, the student's home institution may determine the appropriate number of credits to be granted at that institution. Prospective students are asked to note that the granting of credits for the purpose of earning a degree falls under the jurisdiction of the students home institution.

Nagoya University has revised its grading system and students admitted to the NUPACE programme from April 2020 will earn grades according to the following scale.

Nagoya University Grading System
Grade Point Value
(For reference only)
(For reference only)
  A + 4.3
95~100 Excellent
  A 4.0
80~94 Very Good
  B 3.0
70~79 Good
  C 2.0
  C − 1.0
  F 0.0
  W Withdrawal

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