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Faculty and Staff

NUPACE Office:                   

Prof. Tsutomu NOMIZU
(Professor and co-ordinator of NUPACE)
I have served as academic coordinator of NUPACE since
1996. I also belong to the Graduate School of Engineering
where my major is instrumental analytical chemistry.
NUPACE provides its participants with the flexibility to
study in a variety of academic fields and I hope to assist
you to experience a fruitful exchange. I  recommend you
to apply for this fascinating study experience in Nagoya,
Assoc. Prof. Claudia ISHIKAWA
(Associate professor and co-ordinator of NUPACE)
I principally involve myself in international liaison and PR
duties, dealing with issues related to admissions, academic
evaluation, exchange agreements and publicity. I am also
responsible for teaching ‘Immigration in Japan - A Socio-
legal Perspective’. My research interests lie in comparative
immigration law and the legal status of aliens, and I am
currently enrolled in the LLD programme offered at this
University’s Graduate School of Law. Actually, by having
experienced life as a student and foreigner in Japan, I share
at least two traits with all NUPACE participants. Needless
to say, I hope to be able to use my own experiences to
help you navigate an academic and social life that can
prove challenging, but most of all, rewarding.
Assoc. Prof. Keiko KUSUMOTO
(Associate professor and co-ordinator of student affairs at NUPACE)

(Administrative Assistant)

(Administrative Assistant)

International Student Exchange Division:
Ms. Atsuko HISADA
(Administrative Manager)
Ms. Shizue OKAJIMA
(Administrative Assistant)

Ms. Kazuko OKAMURA
(Administrative Assistant)

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