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Introductory Orientation

The spring semester orientation week will take place from Wednesday, April 3 to Monday, April 8. All events will take place in-person. Information on the general schedule and materials for the orientation week and Introductory Orientation, as well as items that should be submitted are available on this page. Materials for the Academic Orientation and information on course registration are available at theAcademic Orientationpage.
Read the information carefully. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact the NUPACE Office.

  1. General Schedule
    All new NUPACE students are required to attend the mandatory orientation sessions. Find the general schedule below and confirm the details of each event.

    NUPACE April 2024 Orientation Week General Schedule and Venues Map

  2. Introductory Orientation
    The Introductory Orientation will be held on Monday, April 8, where important and essential information to start your student life in Nagoya will be provided.
    Important: Make sure to bring a PC, tablet or smart phone to browse the digital materials during the orientation.It is advisable that you download them prior to the orientation as printed material will not be provided.

    <Orientation Materials>
    Introductory Orientation Agenda
    Introductory Orientation Pamphlet
    (Faculty, Staff & Emergency Contact Information, Ward Office Procedures, Health Care, Financial Matters, Part-Time Jobs, Temporary Leave & Re-entry, Campus Life, etc.)
    Global Engagement Centre Support Team
    Culture Shock and Cross-Cultural Adjustment
    Ability Support Centre
    IR & C 24- Hour Emergency Response Support Centre Info. Card
    Student’s Volunteer Groups

  3. Other Information
    AY 2024 Calendar
    Information Security Training Manual (For Information Security Session on April 3)

    SIM Card Information
    Guide to Nagoya University Central LibraryNagoya University Library Guidance
    Bicycles *Please ask the NUPACE Office for necessary procedures to commute to Higashiyama Campus

    The NU Always website provides useful information on daily life on- and off- campus.

  4. Items to Submit
    Newly arriving students are required to submit the following items through the links provided below. Submission Deadline: Friday, April 19

    ① Nagoya University Information Security Policy
    Read Nagoya University’s Information Security Policy carefully and submit the pledge online.
    ・Security Policy and Pledge:

    ② Nagoya University Personal Information Management
    Details on Information Management of Personal Information at Nagoya University is available through the link below. Read the explanation and submit the Consent Form.
    ・Details and Consent Form :

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