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Financial Information

1. University Fees
The payment of tuition fees shall be waived for those students designated as “exchange students”, who are enrolled at partner institutions with which Nagoya University has concluded tuition waiver agreements either at the university-wide or inter-departmental level. Refer to "Partner Institutions"

Where, upon the request of partner institutions and approval by Nagoya University, students participate in NUPACE as fee-paying students, they will be required to pay the following tuition fees to their school of affiliation at Nagoya University.

a) Special Undergraduate/Graduate Students:
¥14,800 per credit, to be paid at the beginning of each semester.*
(Students are required to carry a minimum load of fifteen credits per academic semester.)

b) Special Research Students:
¥29,700 per month, to be paid in a lump sum in the month of arrival.*

*Although accurate at the time of printing, fees are subject to change without notice.

2. Living Expenses
Students residing in Nagoya University accommodation:
Rent/Utilities:                      ¥20,000 ~ ¥40,000 per month
Food:                                  ¥30,000 per month
Personal Expenses:             ¥30,000 per month

The above is an estimation of the monthly expenditure of a reasonably thrifty international student at Nagoya University. Expenses will vary according to personal taste and lifestyle.

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