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JASSO Scholarship

Student Exchange Support Program (Scholarship for Short-term Study in Japan)

The Ministry of Education, Japan (MEXT), in collaboration with the Japan Student Services Organisation (JASSO), offers scholarships under the “Student Exchange Support Program”. The scholarship programme is intended to encourage student exchange between universities in Japan and their overseas partner institutions, promote understanding and friendship between the countries participating, and strengthen the internationalisation and competitiveness of Japanese universities. High caliber applicants, meeting the eligibility criteria below, may be nominated by Nagoya University to receive a scholarship.

1.  Eligibility
The scholarship is open to students who at the time of application and admission to Nagoya University are enrolled in full-time courses of study at institutions of higher education outside of Japan , and who meet the following conditions:

1) Applicants must possess the nationality of a country having diplomatic relations with Japan, including Taiwan and the Palestinian Territories.
2) Applicants must be enrolled at institutions having concluded a student exchange agreement with Nagoya University (refer to International Exchanges) and have their applications accepted by Nagoya University.
3) Applicants must possess excellent academic and personal records at their home institutions. A minimum grade point average of 3.1 on a scale of 4.0 (or the equivalent) for the academic year prior to admission is required.
4) Applicants must, for reasons of financial difficulty, be unable to finance their studies in Japan independently.
5) Applicants must be eligible to obtain a ‘college student’ visa for the purpose of study in Japan. Dual/multi-nationals in possession of Japanese nationality are not eligible to apply for this scholarship.
6) Applicants must, upon completion of the term of exchange, return to their home institutions to resume their studies or to be awarded with their degrees.
7) Applicants must not be recipients of scholarship awards from other organisations, where the combined value of these additional scholarships exceeds ¥80,000 per month. (NB. Students are permitted to receive grants or awards besides the JASSO “Student Exchange Support Program” scholarship, provided that the combined value of additional scholarships does not exceed ¥80,000 per month.)
8) Applicants are not permitted to simultaneously apply for a Japanese Government (Monbukagakusho) Scholarship for the same academic year.
9) Applicants must, upon completion of their term of scholarship, submit a study report to Nagoya University.

2.   Period of Study
 In principle, students may choose to study at Nagoya University for between four and eleven months. In exceptional circumstances, students may be permitted to study for a minimum period of three months.

3.  Scholarship Provisions
  A monthly stipend of ¥80,000 for a maximum of ten months.

4.  Application Method & Closing Dates
No formal application is necessary. Nagoya University will nominate high calibre applicants to JASSO on the basis of 1) the standard of their applications (GPAs and study plans are particularly important), 2) the total number of scholarships allocated to Nagoya University by JASSO, and 3) regional and institutional balances.

5.  Notification of Results
Students shall be officially notified by Nagoya University of the result of their application for a JASSO “Student Exchange Support Program” scholarship as follows:

1)    Late August 2017, for students applying for September 2017 entry. (tentative)
2)    Late March 2018, for students applying for early April 2018 entry. (tentative)

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