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Entry Procedures

Foreign students intending to pursue studies in Japan must be in possession of a valid passport issued by their country of citizenship. Prior to embarking for Japan, they are also required to apply to the nearest Japanese diplomatic mission (embassy or consulate) for a “college student visa”. In the case of NUPACE students, a “college student visa” is usually issued after the embassy/consulate obtains the applicant’s “Certificate of Eligibility for Status and Residence”.

Nagoya University applies for these “Certificates of Eligibility” on behalf of prospective NUPACE students. And then, once applications have been processed, sends the “Certificates” directly to the students or their home institutions. It is imperative that when applying for a “college student visa”, students take their “Certificate of Eligibility”, passport, and letter of admission to Nagoya University to the Japanese Embassy or Consulate. Students are also required to bring the “Certificate” with them when they enter Japan to submit to the airport authorities.

NB. Each country has different stipulations and procedures for the purpose of issuing passports and visas. It is the responsibility of the student to enquire at his or her local Japanese diplomatic mission which documents are required, and if necessary, to request them from Nagoya University.

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