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Programme Details

Refer to the following links for information regarding the NUPACE programme Autumn semester 2021.

1) NUPACE Academic Policy and Syllabi Autumn 2021

Details on the NUPACE programme academic policy and course content are available in the link in below.
The Academic Orientation will be held on Friday, September 24 from 14:30 (JST). Please read the information in advance.

NUPACE Academic Syllabi Autumn 2021

2) 2021 Autumn NUPACE Japanese Language Programme

Information on the Japanese Language Programme (schedule, syllabi and information to attend the first class) is available through the below link. Students are required to attend the orientation and placement test on Monday, September 27 from 16:00 (JST).

2021 Autumn NUPACE Japanese Language Programme

Visit the ‘Course Registration’ page for course registration details and important dates.

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