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Admission Procedures

Welcome to NUPACE!

Students who will participate in the NUPACE programme are required to complete the following procedures.

1) Submit the ‘Pledge of Compliance with Nagoya University Information Security Policy’

This is a pledge that explains Nagoya University’s security and policies guidelines. After reading the pledge, sign it and submit it by email.

Pledge of Compliance with Nagoya University Information Security Policy

2) Submit the ‘Letter of Consent for Personal Information’

The document explains how Nagoya University manages international students’ information. Read the explanation and after signing it submit it by email.

Letter of Consent for Personal Information

Submit the above documents by email no later than:

3) Complete the Information Security Training

Nagoya University ID is required when registering for courses or attending classes online. In order to activate your ID you must take the ’Information Security Training for New Students’, pass the ‘Assurance Test’, and complete the ‘Yearly Information Security Check’ which become available on September 24.
Make sure to obtain your Nagoya University email address as well.
For details refer to the ‘Information Security Training Manual’.

* The Student Exchange Division has sent your Nagoya University ID and password by email.
If you have not received them contact the NUPACE Office at:

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